Beef That Is Good For You

As a lifelong lover of red meat you may have become privy to a few horror stories about the meat packaging industry. The methods that are being used to cull the beasts on your behalf has vets and animal rights activists up in arms. Now, you might not be squeamish at all about this but you have probably thought long and hard about this one. It is your heart, you see. You wonder just much more red meat it can take.

It has got all that blood flowing through it. And let’s not forget all the bacteria that is buried deep down inside. And so it goes too that the temptations are just too hard to resist. You can almost hear the way some readers’ mouths are salivating right about now. A real man-sized pork chop has got that delicious rind of fat on its end. You have it as you like it. Soft and succulent. Or nice and crispy but still decadently chewable.

And then your heart blows a gasket. Going to the steakhouse every other Friday night is becoming a bother too nowadays. Once the joint was in its prime. Now it is just standard fare. But is a man to do? A man has got to eat, right? But he’s also got kids to take care of. Short of going all green and vegan on your kids, you can always pick up a tasty dry-aged beef flowood ms cutlet or two from the farm stall’s butcher shop.

dry-aged beef flowood ms

It has got to be the best thing since, well, sliced beef on a roasting tray on a cool Sunday afternoon. And it is organic too, you see. That means it is really good for you. It is good for your heart too.