Planning a Great Stay-cation

One of the terms being thrown around now is what is being called a “stay-cation.” People can’t afford to take big extravagant vacations right now, but what else are you going to do when it’s time for your yearly vacation? Stay in your area! Here are some fun tips to help you plan.

Your local paper is a great resource. If there is anything going on in your area, like a carnival, circus, concert, or other fun event, it’s probably in the local events calendar or you can connect with wineries near redding ca to see what events that they may be holding.

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Is there a crop or food that your area is famous for? In Illinois there are festivals for different regional specialties, like apples, corn, and wine. These offer food, fun, crafts, and entertainment for little to no cost.

Want to go a little more educational? There are a lot of historical sites and small-scale museums, no matter what area that you may live in. You can find them for everything and for great prices.

When all else fails, go traditional. Go the local pool or YMCA for an afternoon swim, go to the park and take a walk or play with your kids on the playground.

Try something new! Have you had friends or family suggest new places to try, but you just “haven’t gotten that far yet”? Take advantage of your time during your stay-cation to try new places to eat or visit.

Like sports? Then check out your local minor league and high school teams. The crowds aren’t super overwhelming, the food is usually great, and it’s incredibly inexpensive to get good seats.

Explore what’s available in your local area and see why it’s a great idea for you to go ahead and plan something like this for your family to enjoy!