The History of Cookies

Cookies! From a parent or grandparents’ homemade chocolate chip cookies to the smell of fresh sugar cookies coming out of a baker’s oven, everyone seems to enjoy these flat circle shaped treats. But where did cookies come from, and how did they get so popular?

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Well, it turns out that they have a lot in common with cakes. The term cookie means ‘small cake’ in the Dutch language, and the definition of a cookie in the dictionary is “A small sweet cake.” In fact, cookies were designed to be test cakes by chefs, where a chef would put a small dollop of cake batter into an oven to test the temperature.

The dollop of batter would spread out and harden, forming a cookie. Cookies started in Persia, with invading Persians finding reeds of sugarcane along the banks of the river. They enjoyed the taste and began making cakes and pastries with it. When Alexander the Great invaded Persia, he discovered the sugarcane too and spread it throughout the known world at the time.

Several hundred years later, Europe really enjoyed cookies too, having baker’s guilds to regulate how many cookies and goods were baked. You had to become an apprentice and rise up through the guild’s ranks to become a baker, but this all changed with the Industrial Revolution. Bakers could make more goods easier, so the long periods of being taught to bake were cut in half, and more bakers sold goods.

Now, there are bakeries and specialized shops everywhere you turn, and thousands of recipes for aspiring bakers to make their own cookies. Whether you are going to a gourmet cookies atlanta professional, or just making your own batch of cookies for your enjoyment, be sure to think about the rich history behind these little cakes.